Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Barton Galleries?

Barton Galleries is an online provider of the finest quality oil painting reproductions. Established in 2002, we have commissioned thousands of high quality bespoke reproductions. We are UK based and can also offer a framing service from our workshop in Chesterfield, where our Fine Art Guild qualified technicians provide friendly support and advice at every stage.

Why choose Barton Galleries?

We are totally different from global reproduction companies that deal in low value commercial quality copies. Each customer commission is unique and bespoke, personally managed by our commission manager to ensure personal satisfaction and the highest quality on every project. But that doesn’t mean our prices are high. Our superb quality reproductions are competitively priced and our huge range of frames offer exceptional value. We can deliver breath taking hand painted art in stunning frames all from one place.

Can I get a copy of anything?

We are specialist providers of high quality reproduction oil paintings, so most of our commissions are based on old masters, many example of which are on this website. However, we can provide hand painted oil paintings of most images, including photographs and we have many happy customers who have commissioned copies of pictures of family, friends or pets. We can also paint a photographed landscape, favourite scene or any other image that you love. However we naturally are bound by copyright law, which means generally that for the image we are copying we have the owner’s permission or that it is in the “public domain”. (For example, copyright of a created image lasts for the lifetime of the artist plus 70 years)

Can you help me choose a painting?

Absolutely. There is a wealth of choice and sometimes it can be overwhelming. It can also be the case that images on the web do not reflect an original work: detail can be lost through copying and resolution is often poor; the colours can be very different and of course these days pictures can be edited to almost anything. Add to this the confusion that can be caused by an artist producing several versions of the original art and it is easy to see that help to find the right painting can be invaluable. We will always offer advice and help to find just the right picture for your project and we always check the reproduction specification against the original so that we maintain the vision and aspect ratio as much as possible.

Can I order a painting in any size?

Within reason, yes. We have not yet met a size requirement that we haven’t been able to cope with, so ask us for what you really want, big or small. The main problem with size is if you want to drastically change the aspect ratio so that, for example you are trying to make an original wide “landscape” shape into a narrow “portrait” shape, or vice versa. Before going ahead our commission manager will always discuss your requirements and help you to refine then so that the project is achievable.

Are the paintings you sell genuine hand painted reproductions?

Yes, all of the paintings we sell are absolutely 100% genuine hand painted reproductions in oils on canvas, copied by artists from the original source image. Absolutely no computers, printers or any other machinery has been used to reproduce them. Although they are in themselves fantastic works of art, painted by truly gifted artists, they are not usually signed, though we can arrange for this if you wish.

How can I be sure that the painting will be as good as I expected?

Firstly, our commission manager will always work with you to make sure we have exactly the right image for your reproduction. This can be tricky – the number of different versions of a painting can be mind boggling and it very much depends on taste. For example, a piece such as Monet’s “Impression, Sunrise” can appear in a whole spectrum of colour tones and the “right one” depends on what you, the customer, want. No one else offers this kind of personal service.

Secondly, our personal management of specially selected art studios and our rigid standards mean that you can be confident of our ability to deliver. We do not produce “counterfeit” copy paintings but we do produce stunning reproductions which retain as much authenticity of the original style, colour tone and form as possible. Our reproduction oil paintings are some of the most accurate reproductions paintings you will find.

Thirdly, we always include you in the assurance process: once we are happy with the painting we will send you a digital copy for review and make any further fine detail changes that we think are needed, taking your comments in to account. Finally, in the very unlikely circumstance that the artist is simply unable to meet the standards that we expect, we will provide a full refund of your deposit.

How do I place an order?

Whenever you want to place an order or just to discuss a possible project you have in mind, email us at or phone us on 01246 554338, or free on 0800 8046 650. After we have agreed the project specification we will send you a confirmation email stating the size, price, and any other details. We ask for a deposit of 25% of the total commission cost to begin our process. Once an order is placed we will confirm it again and let you know when we expect to be able to send you an image of your painting(s) for your review. This will normally be 28 – 35 days after we have appointed the right artist for the commission, depending on the complexity of the painting.

You can pay your deposit, in a variety of different ways. We accept debit and credit card, cash, cheque, PayPal and bank transfers. The same applies to paying the balance when your painting is completed. (Please note that starting a commission depends on being able to source a good quality image for copying e.g. a high resolution digital image, or a print of good size and quality. We have many images of great art through the ages already in our library, which you can view through searching this website. However we don’t have everything! Our commission manager is always willing to help research and track down the painting you really want so don’t worry if you want something a bit different or special.)

How do I track progress of my painting?

The commission manager will give you a date when your painting should be finished and ready for review. Soon after that date he will email you a digital image of your painting, or if the painting is taking a bit longer, a new date for expected completion. Unlike other companies we do not subject our artists to the time pressure of a commercial painting “factory”. We believe in quality and we will allow our artists the time required to achieve the best possible results for you.

When you receive your digital image for review we will encourage feedback from you and, although the painting has already undergone internal quality assurance, you may want some changes made, perhaps to the fine detail, or some subtle colour enhancement. The commission manager will agree changes with you and commission further work with the artist until you are absolutely happy and ready to sign off the image.

The painting will then be allowed to dry for a few days before being shipped to you in a roll or passed to our framing workshop for stretching and possibly framing, depending on your requirements. For unstretched paintings that are shipped directly to you, the balance of payment is now due.

Can you frame the paintings I have purchased from you?

Of course! We would be delighted to professionally stretch and frame your oil painting for you. We employ full-time professional framers, who have a vast amount of experience in stretching and framing oil paintings. Our range of frames is truly amazing, with over 2500 to choose from, but don’t worry our experts are always there to advise you and offer guidance on what is right for you and your painting, if you want it. Our frames are great value and very competitively priced. Please note we may ask for a deposit on some of our largest and highest quality hand- made frames when ordering.

How will my reproduction oil paintings be delivered?

This depends on your framing requirements. If you have chosen not to have your oil painting stretched or framed, it will be posted to you in a sturdy cardboard tube. We post to all addresses covered by UK postage via Royal Mail 1st Class delivery free of charge. Additional services such as “Special Delivery” are optionally available at cost price.

For overseas postings we will post via standard UK Royal Mail Airmail service to all destinations free of charge. Again additional services such as “Airsure” are optionally available at cost price. Alternative shipping services may be obtained by agreement.

Unlike most online art reproduction companies, most of our customers do take advantage our fantastic stretching and framing service. In this case, shipping solutions are too varied to list so we discuss and agree shipping details with you personally prior to going ahead, so that you have the choice and know the full costs.

For very large and higher value orders, we offer the option of personal UK based delivery to ensure your framed paintings reach you in perfect condition.

Is there anything else I need to know?

When you receive your painting please do let us know by contacting the commission manager, who will be delighted to hear your comments and take any feedback you have about our service. We value our customer relationships and love to get feedback.

If you are happy for us to do so we will make a record of your comments and post them on our website as testimony to our service. Of course, if we don’t hear from you, we will always check that your painting has arrived and that you are happy with it, by contacting you via email or phone. After that it’s all up to you – just enjoy your magnificent new artwork and please show it off to your friends and tell them about us. Or, start planning your next art reproduction commission with Barton Galleries! We have a customer loyalty scheme and a new customer referral incentive, so more great art means more great value and enjoyment for you. Ask your commission manager for more details.

Who owns images of paintings?

We believe all the art images are available freely available in the public domain. If you believe this to be in error for any of the images on our website, please e-mail us and we will remove the offending material straight away.