Albert Bierstadt 7th January, 1883 - 18th February, 1902

Albert Bierstadt was born in Germany, Solingen, 1830 but moved to Massachusetts in the U.S in 1832. He retured to Germany in 1853 to study in Dusseldorf and then moved back to America in 1857. It was there that he associated with such American artists as Worthington Whittredge and Carl Wimar, all of whom frequently gathered in the studio of the German-American history painter, Emanuel Leutze.

He specialized in Far Western Landscapes, which is the subject of his most famous painting, "The Rocky Mountains" (1863). Bierstadt died in New York City, 1902 but his impact upon the American landscape tradition of the nineteenth century remained strong.

Albert Bierstadt

paintings by Albert Bierstadt: